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Susan Jones


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About Her

Living… through a family crisis. Susan's third child died recently, and the family is still recovering from the grief. In the meantime, Susan is drifting ever farther away from her husband,  Richard.

Visiting… Morocco, on a sightseeing tour. Susan and Richard have decided to get away from home and try to leave their problems behind. While Richard just wants the best for their marriage, Susan is more skeptical.  As she asks, “Richard, why did we come here?”

Interests… traveling and sightseeing. Susan would normally enjoy a tour through an unknown land like Morocco, but these days there doesn’t seem to be anything that can cheer her up.

Relationship Status… in a failing marriage. Susan and her husband are having trouble bounding back from the death of baby Sam. Neither seems to know who or what to blame, and their relationship has suffered as a result.

Challenge… surviving. The couples’ quiet vacation takes a horrible turn when Susan suffers a gunshot wound. Along with Richard and the rest of their tour bus, she finds herself in the middle of the Moroccan desert, searching desperately for medical care. Susan is terrified, and despite her lack of hope, begs Richard, “don’t leave me, please."

Personality… cynical and misanthropic, but hurt. While Richard seems to be trying as hard as he can to rescue his marriage, Susan seems to feel all hope is lost.

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