Susan Cooper
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Susan Cooper


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Overview... CIA employee who transcends from a life behind the scenes to the center of an international espionage adventure. After years working at a desk, she’s sent into the field as a spy, her superiors hoping to capitalize on her unassuming demeanor. But Susan’s got something to prove and the CIA quickly learns she has more potential as a field operative than anyone gave her credit for. Now it’s up to her to avenge the death of Agent Bradley Fine and stop a potential nuclear event set in motion by the Russian beauty Rayna Boyanov.

Personality... ambitious and kind. Even though many at the CIA are furious she’s allowed to go into the field with so little experience, she believes in herself. It gives her a chip on her shoulder, and she takes that confidence to each new exotic locale the mission sends her to. Stopping Boyanov is a huge opportunity for her and though she deals with a series of (often violent) mishaps, she always perseveres.

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