Superman / Clark Kent

Superman / Clark Kent

    DC Extended Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Smalltown, Kansas, where he was raised by his adopted parents Jonathan and Martha Kent. As Clark grew older he began to manifest amazing powers – he could hear a pin drop from miles away, he could see through solid objects, and he never got sick or hurt. Finally, in his teenage years, Jonathan revealed the source of Clark’s powers: his alien physiology. While Clark Kent looks human he is actually the last descendent of an ancient, alien race called the Kryptonians who over mined and destroyed their home world. Clark was just a baby at the time, and he alone was saved when his parents shot him across the galaxy to his new home world: earth.

Living… nowhere in particular. Just a few years ago Jonathan Kent was killed in a tornado, after he forbade Clark from using his powers to save him, reasoning that it would draw to much attention to Clark. Deep in mourning and plagued by guilt, Clark began to wander the world, working odd jobs and performing small, anonymous acts of good wherever he could. He longs to do more, but also understands the importance of maintaining the secret his father died to protect.

Profession… unemployed. Clark has the spent the last few years wandering the earth, looking for a purpose.

Interests… finding his place in the world. Ever since his father revealed the truth to Clark about his origins, he’s been in the middle of an exhausting psychic struggle. On one hand, he longs to use his incredible powers for good, to reveal himself to the world and become a hero. On the other hand, he remembers his adopted father’s warning that he would only be “rejected by society.” Clark is torn between two worlds, two fathers, and two destinies – and he’s getting to the age where he’ll have to choose.

Relationship status… single. The only person in Clark’s life is his mother, Martha Kent, and the short-lived friendships he makes on the road. He’s spent his whole lifetime as a loner, but that – and everything else – begins to change when he meets Lois Lane.

Challenge… saving the world from General Zod, one of the galaxy’s only living Kryptonians, and a mad genius who seeks to resurrect the Kryptonian race on Earth after cleansing the planet of humanity. Clark has spent his entire life denying his extraterrestrial birthright, but with the US army discovering the wreck of a crashed Kryptonian spaceship trapped in the Arctic ice, and General Zod appearing in earth’s atmosphere, it seems that everything in the world is pushing Clark to embrace his Kryptonian powers. The world needs him, and Clark is poised to make the transition from Kansas farm boy to Man of Steel – but even that might not be enough in the face of the ruthless General Zod.

Personality… upright, righteous, and all-American. If Clark’s powers belonged to almost anyone else the world would be in serious trouble, since they make the most powerful assault weapons on earth about as powerful as squirt guns. Fortunately, the incredible powers rest with the selfless Clark Kent, who would never abuse his gifts for personal gain, and instead tirelessly applies them to make the world a better place. While there’s no doubt that Clark handles his powers with astounding grace and humility, he questions himself – there’s no precedent of someone as powerful as him, and he is never totally sure that he’s doing the right thing. Still, it wouldn’t be very “super” to give into doubt, so Clark just does his best in every situation, and tries to serve as a source of hope and inspiration for humans the world over.


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