Summer Roberts

Summer Roberts

    The O.C.
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Newport Beach, Calif. Summer is the daughter of a wealthy plastic surgeon. Summer’s mother mysteriously left the family when her daughter was only 13. Since then, Summer has had to put up with her “stepmonster,” Gloria.

Living… at the top of the social food chain. Summer is one of the most popular and socially successful girls at The Harbor School. She only associates with other beautiful and wealthy students, and often expresses disgust at people of lower economic or social standing.

Profession… high school student. Summer loves to participate in school social activities, but doesn’t do much studying.

Interests… shopping, boys, fashion, and partying. She’s mostly interested in the goings-on at Newport’s high-society parties.

Relationship Status… single, but looking. Summer sees herself with someone wealthy and handsome, but little does she know that the school’s best-known geek has long had a crush on her. When Seth approaches her at a party, she threatens him, “You make a move, I rip out your jugular.”

Challenge… getting over herself. Summer, despite her popularity, isn’t very likable at the moment. Although she publicly scoffs at the possibility of romance with Seth Cohen, a funny but unpopular dork (at least until recently), she secretly harbors some curiosity about him. Maybe dating someone like Seth is just what she needs to expand her horizons.

Personality… vain and materialistic. But Summer’s rude and spoiled personality is more of a barrier that she puts up against the world. She has a difficult family life, and feels the need to protect herself from the judgment of others by being preemptively hurtful and judgmental herself. While she comes off as pretty shallow, it’s not that she doesn’t have any deeper thoughts or emotions; it’s that she’s terrified to let other people in. “Look,” she tells Seth, “I’m not into talking about, like, feelings or whatever!”


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