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Stu Price

The Hangover

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About Him

Living… in Los Angeles with his perpetually pissed-off girlfriend Melissa. Melissa is not a fan of Stu’s childhood friends Doug and Phil, who she thinks are too immature for Stu. This causes some obvious friction, and puts Stu in the middle of a feud between his girlfriend and his friends.

Visiting… Las Vegas. Stu’s childhood friend Doug is finally getting married, and he’s headed to Vegas for his bachelor party. Stu, Doug, and Phil are joined by Doug’s brother-in-law Alan for what they hope is a wild weekend. Stu knows that Melissa would never approve, so he lied and said they were headed to Napa Valley wine country.

Profession… dentist for Prime Dentistry. Stu often introduces himself as a doctor, but his friend Phil won’t let him get away with it. Phil seems to take joy in revealing that Stu is just a dentist whenever he tries to pass himself off as a true medical professional.

Interests… music. Stu is a gifted pianist and singer. He also enjoys a nice cold soda from time to time to settle the nerves.

Relationship Status… obeying his wife Melissa. Melissa absolutely, 100% controls every aspect of their relationship. She cheated on him with a Carnival Cruise Line bartender, but Stu nevertheless plans to propose to her using his grandmother’s holocaust ring. Phil argues against the proposal with the fact that she’s been known to beat him, but Stu is quick to defend Melissa. “That was once and I was out of line. She’s strong-willed and I respect that.”

Challenge… finding Doug and getting him back to Las Angeles before his wedding. The bachelor party was supposed to be a short trip, but things got out of control when Alan accidentally drugged everyone with the date-rape drug roofalin. Stu, Phil, and Alan wake up the next day to find a jungle cat in their bathroom, a baby in their suite, and no sign of the groom-to-be. They’re going to have to hustle and retrace their steps if they have chance of retrieving Doug before his wedding.

Personality… logical, neurotic, and cautious. Stu is the voice of reason in the group, although he’s rarely able to overrule the more forceful and reckless Phil. Stu has some anger management issues to iron out. His relationship with Melissa forces him to bottle all his frustration, leading him to suffer frequent unbecoming, nerdy outbursts in Vegas.

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