Doctor Who

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as a Sontaran soldier with 6 billion identical clones, all raised for one thing: battle. Sontarans are a military species and are some of the greatest fighters in time and space. 

Living… in the Victorian era with Vastra and her wife Jenny. Leaving the battlefield was a difficult transition, but Strax finds a new purpose in defending London from evil.

Profession… various. Strax was a born fighter, but after owing his life to the Doctor, he relinquished his life of battles and took a place on a human battlefield as a nurse helping sick soldiers. Now he resides with Vastra as her butler.

Interests… fighting, vengeance, and violence. Strax knows the perfect battle plan for any situation, though to the uneducated human they may seem a little strange. One of his grand plans was to, in his words: “melt his brain using projectile acid fish then interrogate him... other way around.”

Relationship Status… single. Sontarans are fighters, not lovers!

Challenge… making his way in the Victorian world. But Strax doesn’t have to completely abandon his powerful life as a soldier. With Vastra and Jenny by his side, they protect 19th-century London against dastardly villains and world invaders. Even the Doctor needs help from a Sontarn warrior.

Personality… bold, brash, and blunt. He always wages war against others. He even went so far to declare war on the moon. In his words, “Too long the moon has hung unmonitored and unsuspected in the sky. It has gained an enormous tactical advantage.”


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