Stosh Piznarski
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Stosh Piznarski

Veronica Mars

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About Him

Grew Up… in Beaverton, Oregon, a suburb of Portland. A place, Piz says, where there are “real salt-of-the-earth people. You know, minivan in every driveway, chicken in every pot.”

Living… with his roommate, Wallace Fennell, at Hearst College in California. Piz is a freshman who has his car stolen on move-in day. Piz is more concerned about his expensive guitar that was in the backseat, though.

Profession… host of his own college radio show at Hearst, where he’s known for being an insightful interviewer.

Interests… music, radio, and Desmond Fellows. Piz is less of an aspiring musician than he is an aspiring radio host, but that doesn’t mean he’s not completely obsessed with good music. And good music, to Piz, is Desmond Fellows’s former alternative rock band, My Pretty Pony.

Relationship Status… single with a major crush on Veronica. Veronica, as the best friend of Piz’s roommate, is around quite a lot. Though she and Piz become good friends, she often tells him that’s all they will ever be. Still, Piz can’t seem to get her out of his head.

Challenge… getting Veronica to like him, or moving on. The latter seems particularly hard for him, but Piz doesn’t get discouraged – not even when he meets Veronica’s occasional boyfriend, Logan Echolls, who’s a bit more experienced in fistfights than Piz. 

Personality… considerate, naïve, and self-deprecating. Piz is a genuinely good guy who’s unafraid to make witty comments about his own shortcomings. He’s a lot more trusting than someone like Veronica. Then again, everyone is more trusting than the cynical Veronica.

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