Stevie Janowski
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Stevie Janowski

Eastbound & Down

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About Him

Living… in Shelby, North Carolina. It used to be a quiet a quiet town, but it’s not any more now that Stevie’s old friend Kenny Powers is back. Kenny is not happy that he is back home after his Major League Baseball career ended, but Stevie is. Stevie has always looked up to Kenny.

Profession… teacher at the Shelby middle school where Kenny works. Once Kenny arrives, Stevie gives up having a life of his own and all of his attention goes toward being Kenny’s personal assistant. He helps Kenny sell merchandise, publish his audiobook autobiography, and get back into the major leagues.

Interests... living it up with Kenny. Stevie was a loser before Kenny showed up. Now he gets into fights and smokes a lot of weed. His life is completely off the rails, but as far as he’s concerned, that’s a good thing.

Relationship Status... married to Maria Janowski. The biggest conflict in their relationship is Stevie’s equal-if-not-greater love for Kenny. Maria sees Kenny as a toxic presence in their marriage and openly hates him. When he’s not running errands for Kenny, Stevie’s second priority is being a devoted stepfather to Maria’s four children.

Challenge… getting fed up with Kenny’s abuse. He proves that he’s not a complete pushover by refusing some of Kenny’s demands and even making some of his own. More than anything, Stevie wants Kenny’s respect, but he’s unclear if the best course of action is to stand up to Kenny or continue on the path he is on.

Personality… simple, gullible, and sweetly naïve. He’s basically a blank slate, which is perfect for Kenny. He’s usually kind, but he can turn reckless and aggressive in a heartbeat if it’s what it takes to help Kenny. 

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