Steven Quincy Urkel
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Steven Quincy Urkel

Family Matters

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About Him

Living... in Chicago as an intrusive neighbor next door to the Winslow family. Steve frequently invites himself over to the Winslow home to woo Laura Winslow or hang out with her brother Eddie. Generally, those two want little to do with him, but at this point Steve is basically part of the Winslow family. That’s even though his apparent lack of any hand-eye coordination inevitably results in him clumsily breaking things around the house, leading to his catchphrase, “Did I do that?”

Profession... student at the (fictional) Illinois Occidental University (IOU). A science and math prodigy, Steve first attended MIT but only lasted one semester before he returned to Chicago to be closer to Laura, an IOU student, and the Winslows. 

Interests... inventing.The science whiz is currently creating a chemical compound that will transform him into his suave alter ego, Stefan Urquelle, to lure Laura into falling in love with him. Steve is also interested in fashion, if “fashion” means wearing suspenders to hold up “flood” pants that only reach down to his calves and thick glasses held by a string. He also enjoys speaking three languages and wreaking havoc at the Winslow home.

Relationship Status... single, but captivated by his love for Laura. Sorry ladies, but this future successful astrophysicist, or maybe nuclear engineer, is completely focused on landing Laura. Not even bad weather can stop him: “Oh Laura, my love, the wind has chapped my lips. Would you care to heal them with a kiss?”

Challenge... finding a true family despite his flaws. Steve is needy and often unaware of the mayhem he causes. Although sensitive to rejection, he’s not very empathetic and rarely seems to understand why people get angry at him. But it’s not easy being the quintessential nerd, especially growing up with parents that didn’t seem to want him around (or even feed him). Another family member once gave Steve a rare 1957 BMW Isetta car just so he wouldn’t pay a visit. At least Harriette Winslow, Laura’s mom, gives Steve the unconditional love of a mother.

Personality... geeky and annoying. Though terribly clumsy and often quite a nuisance, he is ultimately respected by the Winslows due to his loyalty to the family. Steve regularly protects Laura from romantic interests who might hurt her. Also, during petty family arguments between the Winslows, Steve is often a voice of reason. As much as some of the Winslows like to complain about Steve’s presence, deep down they all know the house just wouldn’t be the same without him.

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