Steven Hyde

Steven Hyde

    That '70s Show
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… without much supervision from his real mother and father. Hyde’s difficult childhood has made him tough and self-reliant, though he’s always grateful for the generosity of his best friend’s family, the Formans, who act as his de-facto parents.

Living… a life full of rock ‘n roll and weed in Wisconsin. Hyde is a “joker, a smoker, a midnight toker” who lives for Led Zeppelin and hates disco. As he once put it, “Disco is from hell, O.K.? And not the cool part of hell with all the murderers, but the lame-ass part with the accountants.”

Profession… high school student and clerk at the local Foto Hut. Despite Hyde’s nonchalant and masculine persona, he believes in the value of hard work, sometimes telling off his boss for not doing his job.

Interests… “Camaros, Zeppelin and French fries—in that order.” Hyde’s interests reflect his masculine persona. His list of likes also includes the Green Bay Packers, cars in general, and hunting.

Challenge… learning to take care of himself as a responsible adult. Hyde faced many hardships in childhood and never had parents, or at least not good parents, around to support him. He’s had to grow up quickly. That’s why the care he receives from the Forman family and from his friends is so important to him.

Personality… dry, witty, and tough. Hyde is a lone wolf of sorts. He’s learned to keep his emotions under control (though the copious amount of weed he smokes helps with that a bit), which is why his friends often come to him for no-nonsense advice.


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