Steven Hiller
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Steven Hiller

Independence Day

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Living… with his girlfriend and her son in Los Angeles, California. Steven, a young fighter pilot, was planning on spending the July 4th holiday weekend with Jasmine and her son, until he was rudely interrupted by an alien invasion on Earth.

Profession… fighter pilot. Hiller is part of the Black Knights, an elite squadron of Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornets. He and his team have been chosen to participate in a very special and dangerous mission. 

Interests… smoking cigars. Hiller saves his cigars as a celebration, a kind of “victory dance,” for special occasions.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Jasmine, an exotic dancer. Hiller was planning to propose to Jasmine this Independence Day weekend, until the deadly invaders got in the way. No one matters more to him more than Jasmine and her son.

Challenge… traveling through space. But the cosmos offers more than he bargained for when an alien invasion devastates the planet and threatens to destroy all life on Earth. Yet Steven’s more than ready to welcome his alien enemy with a quick punch to the face. When disaster strikes, Steven immediately kicks into high gear – both fighting off the aliens in the sky and trying to find his loved ones in the rubble of Los Angeles. Hiller is determined to “whoop E.T.’s ass.” Alongside President Thomas J. Whitmore and computer expert David Levinson, he is a key part of Earth’s last best defense. And he looks pretty damn cool while doing so.

Personality… fearless and foul-mouthed. Steven is an outspoken and courageous pilot who’s ready to fight to the death. Even when Hiller finds himself in a dangerous situation, he’s ready with a wisecrack. As he says after beating down an alien with his bare fists, “Now thats what I call a close encounter.”

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