Steve Sanders
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Steve Sanders

Beverly Hills, 90210

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About Him

Living… with his adopted parents – his father, a successful businessman and his mother, a famous actress. They have a ton of money but not much time, so Steve is often on his own. 

Profession... sophomore at West Beverly Hills High School. Steve is literally the Big Man on Campus. He has a huge personality and many friends – including a new guy named Brandon who just moved to Beverly Hills from Minnesota. 

Interests... driving around in his Corvette, playing beach volleyball, and socializing.For Steve, life is a party. As he says, “P-A-R-T. Why? Because we got to.”

Relationship Status… single. Steve can be a ladies’ man, but that’s just because he can’t settle down with the woman he wants. No one has been able to live up to his ex girlfriend and fellow West Beverly student, Kelly Taylor. Although Steve rarely shows any vulnerability, he seems heartbroken over their breakup. Steve hasn’t given up on Kelly yet, but unfortunately she seems to be paying more attention to his new friend, Brandon.

Challenge... causing as much trouble as he can. Steve is always up to something – including playing practical jokes on his friends. He is not the greatest influence on the less experienced Brandon, but maybe Brandon can be a good influence on him.   

Personality...  immature, brash, a bit shallow, and fun loving. Steve didn’t have a supportive family life to ground him, so he has had to figure out things for himself. He certainly has made his share of mistakes, but hopefully they will be learning experiences for him to become a better man. But Steve is not so sure. When Brandon called him a good guy, Steve just gave him a long skeptical look with his trademark mischievous grin.

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