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Steve McGarrett

Hawaii Five-O

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About Him

Grew up… in Honolulu. Steve’s family has been involved in Hawaii law enforcement for quite some time – his grandfather was killed during Pearl Harbor. But Steve and his sister were sent to the mainland as teenagers. Steve eventually graduated from Annapolis and became a Navy SEAL for years.

Living… back in Hawaii. When his father died, Steve came back for the funeral. While he was there, Governor Pat Jameson asked him to head up a state-wide law enforcement team, since Hawaii has no state police. Steve agreed.

Profession… head of Hawaii Five-0, the law enforcement agency that answers directly to the governor’s office. Hawaii Five-0 deals with everything – murders, organized crime, drugs, terrorism, and more. Steve’s intense military training as a SEAL makes him an ideal candidate for the job.

Interests… surfing and the outdoors. Like many Hawaiians, Steve enjoys swimming and surfing, and is shocked when his partner Danny (or "Danno") says he doesn’t like to swim. Steve also speaks multiple languages, and is knowledgeable about nature.

Relationship Status… dating Catherine, a fellow former Navy and intelligence officer. She occasionally helps with the team’s cases.

Challenge… catching the bad guys, especially ones from his past. He’s been known to use unorthodox, even drastic measures to get his man, something which Danny hates. Steve is often in a position where if he can do his job quickly and well, people live – and if he doesn’t, they die.

Personality… a military man through and through. Steve has a wooden exterior, and he’s not so great with people. He is intelligent, capable, and his SEAL training has made him incredibly dangerous in almost any kind of combat. He’s not 100% soldier, though – he’s focused on getting the job done, even if that means breaking some rules or muscling his way in. Fearless and competent, his loyalty to his friends means that he is a valuable ally to have.

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