Steve McCroskey
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Steve McCroskey


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About Him

Living… at the office, practically. McCroskey’s job is vital: He’s responsible for keeping track of all the planes in the air.

Profession… air traffic controller. McCroskey is in charge of the tower at the airport, though he carries himself with the authority of a jaded detective, constantly smoking and making wisecracks.

Interests… his several addictions. McCroskey, when stressed, needs a little something to take the edge off. At various times on this hectic evening, he says he "picked the wrong week" to quit drinking, smoking, sniffing glue and taking amphetamines.

Relationship Status… married. Though McCroskey likes to give orders to his wife as if she were one of his employees. As he tells her, “I want the kids in bed by 9, I want the dog fed, the yard watered and the gate locked. And get a note to the milk man: no more cheese!”

Challenge… helping guide a troubled flight safely to the ground. When the pilots on an L.A.-to-Chicago flight fall ill, the plane finds itself in the hands of a traumatized former fighter-pilot named Ted Striker. McCroskey, with the help of Striker’s former commanding officer, needs to guide him to safety.

Personality… fast-talking, no-nonsense, and straight to the point. Never without a cigarette in his hand, McCroskey doesn’t have time for niceties. He won’t hesitate to get down to business and tell it like it is.

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