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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

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About Him

Living... years ahead of everyone else. He has a vision for Apple computers that even the American public might be unprepared for. But he knows they’ll catch up, and he’ll be waiting with a state of the art machine that’s both aesthetically beautiful and with an intuitive user interface.

Profession... co-founder of Apple and the face of the company. When the Macintosh computer is released, it’s Jobs on stage to demonstrate it. When the iMac is released, it’s Jobs showing the world how it works. And yet, Jobs didn’t code or build either machine. But as he says, “Musicians play their instruments. I play the orchestra.”

Interests… work and nothing else.  

Relationship Status... single and focused more on his career than his love life. His ex-girlfriend Chrisann recently re-entered his life with a child named Lisa who she says is his. He vehemently denies being the father and keeps Lisa at arm’s length. He doesn’t have time for a family, and he lacks the social skills necessary to build a relationship with one. But the name of an early computer he designed was the LISA. That can’t be a coincidence.

Challenge... maintaining control at Apple. Steve Wozniak, an old partner, has turned against him after Jobs refuses to acknowledge Wozniak’s team at a big launch event. And John Sculley, the former CEO of Pepsi, has been brought in to be CEO of Apple. If Steve’s prized Macintosh computer doesn’t break sales records, Sculley could try to force him out of the company he created.                                                                                                     

Personality... endlessly obsessive, undeniably strange, and incredibly smart. Odds are he’s the only CEO who washes his feet in the toilet before a big presentation. But he can get away with being cold to employees and off-putting to board members because he backs up his eccentricities with world-changing electronics. “Think different” isn’t just an Apple slogan – it’s how Steve lives his life.

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