Steve Brady
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Steve Brady

Sex and the City

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About Him

Grew up… in Queens, N.Y. Steve is a real, working-class New Yorker who was raised to be streetwise and tough. He’s managed to retain the old-school values of his childhood.

Living… in a run-down apartment in Manhattan. Steve lives according to his modest means, but that’s never bothered him. He lives a simple life because that’s all he wants, at least until he meets the love of his life, the high-powered lawyer Miranda Hobbes.

Profession… bartender. He likes his job and does well enough financially, considering that he’s a single guy living in Manhattan. 

Relationship Status… single, but not for long if he can do anything about it. Steve will stop at nothing to court Miranda Hobbes, whom he met at his bar one evening. The ever-polite Steve charmed her into a date by insisting that she say “please” and “thank you.” 

Challenge… finding a way to make Miranda his own. Steve is and always will be a romantic type. Even though Miranda keeps rebuffing his advances with her unique blend of wit and sarcasm, Steve just won’t take “no” for an answer. 

Personality… sweet, funny, and charming. Steve’s “ma” raised him to be a nice guy, and that’s exactly how he turned out. He doesn’t care about material things or status. He believes in true love, and he’s sure that he’s found it with Miranda.

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