Steve Bolander

Steve Bolander

    American Graffiti
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Modesto, California, where he was born and raised. It's a typical small town in the early 60s. During the day, G street is a line of used car lots, small shops, tacky department stores and greasy spoons.

Profession... student. He recently graduated and will be going to college out East. There's a lot of pressure on him to do well – he was even voted Most Likely to Succeed.

Interests... driving around town in his '58 Chevy Impala with his friends Curt, John, and Toad. You can usually find them at Mel's Drive-In with the radio tuned to Wolfman Jack's show. It's the summer after high school graduation in a very small town. What else are they supposed to do? 

Relationship Status... dating Laurie. But things are going to be harder for them once he moves 3,000 miles away. When Laurie says she couldn’t expect him to be a monk while he's away, he responds, "I think dating people will even strengthen our relationship. Then we'd know for sure that we're really in love. Not that there's any doubt." 

Challenge... having to start all over again. Laurie says it doesn't make sense to leave home in order to find yourself, leaving your friends only to make new friends. While this might be true for her, Steve wants more out of life – or at least more than Modesto can offer.  

Personality… innocent. Especially compared to today’s average teen.  


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