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Django Unchained

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Overview… a loyal slave who will do anything for his evil master. Unlike nearly every slave on Calvin Candie’s plantation, Stephen loves his master who is an incorrigible Uncle Tom. Stephen is a house slave that has completely bought into the racist ideology that justified slavery in the American south. As an elder house slave, Stephen enjoys a twisted friendship with Calvin Candie. This relationship reinforces Stephen’s idea that he is superior to field slaves, an idea that he treasures. Stephen will not allow anything to hurt Candie or Candyland– a scruple that places him on the opposite side of Django and Schultz’s rescue mission.

Personality… hateful, intelligent, and possessed by a sick sense of loyalty. Samuel has managed to make himself persistently useful to Calvin Candie throughout his time as a slave. His contempt for African Americans means that he is distrustful of his fellow slaves. His distaste is so entrenched that he never hesitates to get slaves into trouble (even though punishments are brutal, and often fatal). Cagey and not to be underestimated, Stephen will do anything to protect his monstrous master.

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