Stephen Meyers
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Stephen Meyers

The Ides of March

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About Him

Living… on the campaign trail. Though only 30 years old, Stephen is the third most important person on the Morris campaign after Paul Zara, senior campaign manager; and Mike Morris himself, the Governor of Pennsylvania and a Democratic presidential candidate. In this role, Stephen finds himself at universities and town halls around the country. He’s currently in Cincinnati, Ohio, staying at the Ramada Inn with other advisors and interns on the Morris campaign.

Profession… junior campaign manager. Stephen works closely with Morris and Zara to create campaign strategies, prepare speeches, and brief the candidate. Stephen has completely bought into the campaign. When asked if he has ‘drunk the Kool-Aid’ on his boss, Mike Morris, he responds: “I have drunk it. It's delicious. I don't care whether he leads in the polls... I don't care whether he has all the tools, because the truth is, he's the only one that's going to make a difference in people’s lives, even the people that hate him. If Mike Morris is President it says more about us than it does about him…. He has to win.”

Interests… politics, period. Working on a presidential campaign is so all-consuming he wouldn’t have time for outside interests right now, but it doesn’t seem he has any, anyway. He loves politics, and right now politics, for him, means getting Mike Morris into the White House.

Relationship Status… single. He tells Morris, “I'm married to the campaign, Governor.” However, Stephen isn’t a monk quite yet. He is good-looking and a definite hit among the female interns. One particularly bold young woman, Molly, seems to be making the most headway, and even manages to get him into the ‘intern bar’ for drinks.

Challenge… making Mike Morris president. Stephen is a true believer – bordering on sycophantic. Internally, Stephen’s challenge is to steer a course through the cynicism and careerism that plagues politics. And what if Morris isn’t all he says he is? Stephen’s idealistic view of the Governor may not survive the rough-and-tumble reality of politics at the highest level, and the awakening could be rude indeed.

Personality… idealistic, driven, and magnetic. Stephen has always attracted people to him. The journalists love him. His co-workers love him. He exudes effortless charm in everything he does, and wherever he goes. But whether some of those qualities will ultimately be dampened or hardened by cynicism is a fair question.

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