Stella Payne
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Stella Payne

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

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About Her

Living... in a suburb of San Francisco where she is raising her 11-year-old son Quincy. She is trying to do everything possible to have him grow up to be a confident man. But it's hard without a father figure always around.

Visiting... a resort in Jamaica. Quincy's father is taking care of him for nine days, so she went there with her best friend Delilah to try to “get her groove back”– to finally do something for herself.

Profession... trader for the one of the world's largest investment banking institutions. If you want a high return on Russian bonds, she’s your woman. Stella is talented and tough at her job.

Interests... not much. When she’s not working at her stressful job, she is too busy seeing that her son gets to little league practice three times a week and carpool every other week.

Relationship Status... divorced, which is taking its toll. She is so bitter about men that she hasn't been on a date for a year. Though she has number to call when she needs some loving attention.

Challenge... becoming involved with a man who is half her age in Jamaica. She wasn't prepared for what she would find on vacation– a 20-year-old handsome chef assistant named Winston. When she is with him, she feels young again. But other times, she feels old and wonders whether he is only attracted to her to comparison shop between an older woman and the younger girls he is used to seeing.

Personality... proud and fiery, but she also has a vulnerable side that few people see except for Winston.

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