Stella Bridger
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Stella Bridger

The Italian Job

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About Her

Living… somewhat in the footsteps of her father, John Bridger. Stella is a professional safe-cracker. Unlike her father, she works for the law. John’s lifelong penchant for thievery landed him in jail for half of Stella’s childhood, and even now, as old age creeps up on him, he can’t resist joining his partner Charlie Croker in Venice for one last job: stealing 35 million dollars worth of gold bricks.

Profession… safe and vault technician. Stella is one of the best in the business, if not the absolute best. She contracts her skills out to government agencies and the police. She prefers to work in the dark because it makes her feel alone. When she inevitably cracks the safe, she never looks inside. It’s not about what’s inside – it’s all about the game.

Interests… driving her red Mini-Cooper aggressively, often swerving across multiple lanes of traffic. 

Relationship Status… single. Stella is rather stunning, and as such she attracts the unsolicited attention of many men and is forced to keep her guard up. As she explains, “I trust everyone. It's the devil inside them I don't trust.” Now that the rogue Charlie Croker’s entered her life, she may have to be as vigilant as ever. 

Challenge… avenging her father’s death. Stella was in Philadelphia helping the police crack a safe when Charlie approached her with a proposition. The Venice job, one year before, went horribly wrong. Steve, a member of John and Charlie’s team, staged a betrayal, taking the gold for himself and killing John in cold blood. Charlie wants Stella to help him steal back the gold to get revenge on Steve. 

Personality… professional and standoffish. Stella is cold as ice. She wants to distance herself from what her dad did and use her abilities for good. But in the case of stealing the gold back from Steve, the line between good and bad blurs. 

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