Stede Bonnet

Stede Bonnet

    Our Flag Means Death

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on the large plantation his wealthy father owned on the Island of Barbados. Stede was bullied by both his father and other children for being cowardly, weak, and having a gentle nature.

Living… on his pirate ship The Revenge with an experienced pirate crew he hired. The ship has many more luxuries than most pirate ships including a walk-in closet and a full library in Stede’s living quarters.

Profession… a pirate captain, albeit a struggling one. Due to his upbringing in a life of luxury, Stede has little experience pirating and is not respected by his crew. His gentle disposition also prevents him from feeling comfortable with the main role of pirates: pillaging and committing violence.

Interests… fashionable clothes, intellectual books, and living a life of adventure. Stede has an extensive collection of both clothing and books on his ship.

Relationship Status… married to Mary. Though he has not seen her or their children since he ran away to become a pirate. His marriage with Mary was arranged by their parents, Stede has always felt trapped in a loveless marriage.

Challenge… being taken seriously as a pirate captain by his crew, other pirates, and the world at large. Luckily, he now has the legendary Captain Blackbeard offering to teach him how to be a true pirate. And Stede’s new friendship with Blackbeard seems like it might be turning into more…

Personality… gentle, friendly, and intellectual. Stede is the kindest pirate you’ll ever meet. And he’s trying to find his role in the world of tough and vicious pirates. An eternal optimist, he hopes he can change the pirate world instead of changing himself to fit into it. As he says, "Polite Menace, that'll be my brand, every legendary pirate needs one."


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