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Living... in New York City, as a native of Des Moines, Iowa. They don’t call her the Defender of Des Moines for nothing!

Profession... superhero and member of the Seven. Becoming a member of the Seven was Starlight’s lifelong dream, and it finally came true. But now that she’s seeing the reality behind the mask, she’s beginning to question everything she’s held dear her whole life. Her morals are being put to the test by Vought International overlords. She’s straying from her mission, and putting her livelihood at risk.

Interests... hand-to-hand combat, Taekwondo, super-strength, bioluminescence, and electricity absorption.

Relationship status… more complicated than it looks. Starlight’s started dating Hughie Campbell – a totally average joe that caught everybody off-guard. Problem is, he’s got ulterior motives, bugging her phone and using her to help The Boys in their cause. When will she see the light? And how will that pan out for Hughie?

Challenge… saving the world while dealing with all the misogyny thrown her way. Starlight is undergoing a rude awakening, learning that her heroes are actually just creepy dudes who take advantage of their power in order to pray on the unsuspecting. She’s had to test her morals more than once since joining the Seven, and she’s starting to question how much longer she can go along with Vought International’s dubious plans.

Personality... idealistic, sincere. Starlight isn’t cynical about her superhero duties like Homelander is. She actually believes that superheroes can make the world a better place when they’re well-intentioned. It’s just that her naivete and innocence have only taken her so far, and she’s had to let her more aggressive side emerge in order to face the challenges thrown her way.

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