Stannis Baratheon
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Stannis Baratheon

Game of Thrones

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About Him

Living... on the island of Dragonstone. That’s where you can find Stannis burning statues of the widely worshipped Seven Gods with his advisor Melisandre and growing an army to storm King’s Landing and take the Throne.

Profession... lawful heir to the Iron Throne. Alas his nephew Joffrey was given the crown after Stannis’s brother Robert died in a hunting accident. But what many don’t know is that Joffrey is not truly Robert’s son – instead he is the son of Robert’s wife Cersei (the Queen) and her brother Jaime. Of course, having the most “legitimate” case to the Throne only means so much in Westeros; power must generally be seized by some combination of cunning and force.

Interests… in addition to becoming the King, Stannis has a newfound interest in religion. Unlike most in Westeros, he worships the Lord of Light, a mysterious fire god preached about by his advisor Melisandre.

Relationship Status... married, but tempted more and more each day by Melisandre. The beautiful and mysterious Melisandre is hard to say no to, that’s for sure, especially since Stannis’ pious wife is a bit dour. But one has to wonder if it’s Stannis’ close proximity to Melisandre that makes him fall for her, or if she’s influencing his mind through magic.

Challenge... capturing the Throne when so many others want to, including his brother Renly. Working in his favor are his two right-hand people, Melisandre and Davos Seaworth. Melisandre seems to have powers beyond the most powerful knights, while Davos was the world’s greatest smuggler before becoming a knight and Stannis’ trusted advisor.           

Personality... honorable and loyal, but stiff. Stannis is devoted to the true lineage of the Throne and to his new god R’hllor. But while Stannis is fair and just, he will never be loved. He is wooden and uncharismatic, and has an uptight personality that drives people away. He was once described as being “like iron,” strong and generally unyielding – but liable to break before he bends.

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