Stanley Ipkiss
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Stanley Ipkiss

The Mask

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Overview... a bank clerk who finds a mysterious mask near the Edge City harbor. When he puts it on, he turns into a green-faced maniac, completely unleashed and liberated. The mask looks like a representation of Loki, the Norse God of Mischief. Loki supposedly caused so much trouble that Odin banished him from Valhalla forever. Now a group of thugs, and the police, are searching for the mask. In the wrong hands, it could bring pure evil. Stanley’s once-in-a-lifetime find might just get him killed.

Personality... delusional, shy, and unlucky. At least, that’s what he was like before finding the mask. Doctors think the mask is nothing but a piece of wood. They feel we all present masks to the outside world to suppress our innermost desires; they see this wooden mask as a literal manifestation of that. But the docs are wrong. The mask is real, and they'll know it soon enough along with everyone else. In truth, the mask is a reflection of one’s inner being. Now the “real” Stanley is free – for better or worse.

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