Stanley Hudson
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Stanley Hudson

The Office

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Living… in Scranton, Pa. Stanley’s suburban set-up is a far cry from his revolutionary youth as a member of the Black Panther Party. He traded in his politics for a white-picket fence, with no regrets.

Profession… sales representative for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Stanley doesn’t hide his contempt for his boss, Michael. Even when Stanley’s not completely disgruntled, he’s utterly disinterested in office life. Even so, he’s generally a productive worker. It’s just that he’s not very enthusiastic about it or willing to go above and beyond.

Interests… relaxation, wherever and whenever he can get it. He regularly works on crossword puzzles during staff meetings. Stanley enjoys drinking some wine on his couch, watching his favorite mystery shows. He’ll also watch anything with Pam Grier in it, once declaring that she’s one of the few things he absolutely loves in this world, along with his daughters and soft pretzels.

Relationship Status… twice-divorced, because of his stubbornness. Stanley refuses to apologize for anything unless he believes he’s actually wrong, which he rarely considers to be the case. He would never say he’s sorry simply to preserve the peace. This hard-headedness makes any long-term relationship pretty difficult. He even knows this is the root of his martial problems and he still won’t change. It’s not like he seeks out conflict – he just won’t give an inch.

Challenge… putting up with Michael’s racial obliviousness. Out of everyone in the office, Stanley might be the worst at veiling his disgust for his boss, routinely shutting Michael down and intimidating him. Stanley knows Michael is a prodigious accidental racist and has suffered through Michael’s tone-deaf statements for so long, though, he’s learned how to use racial stereotypes to his advantage. His professional life sometimes becomes a tightrope of tolerance and manipulation.

Personality… both laid-back and quite rigid. Stanley is generally quiet and polite, but don’t cross him. When Michael gets too loose-jawed, Stanley can put him in his place with a single intimidating glance. When Ryan got too comfortable with Stanley’s daughter for Stanley’s taste, he made Ryan fear for his life. But overall, Stanley mostly wants to be left alone to enjoy his simple pleasures of puzzles and pretzels.

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