Grunkle Stan

Grunkle Stan

    Gravity Falls
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Gravity Falls, Oregon, though he was born in New Jersey. He doesn’t speak much about his past, preferring to use his loud raspy voice to bring tourists to his Mystery Shack hidden in the woods. Though he usually lives alone, this summer he is caring for his great-niece and nephew, Mabel and Dipper Pines. He is their great uncle, or “grunkle.”

Profession... owner and operator of the Mystery Shack. It’s full of fake paranormal curiosities, but Gravity Falls just so happens to be the home to a number of real supernatural creatures and events. In fact, deep below the Mystery Shack is something more mysterious than anything a tourist can take a picture of – a hidden portal to another dimension. He keeps this a secret from everyone, even Mabel and Dipper.

Interests… money, grifting, and scaring kids.

Relationship Status... single, though open to meeting someone special. He cares more about his business than dating, but on a road trip with Mabel and Dipper, he meets a lovely roadside attraction employee named Darlene. What Stan doesn’t know (until it’s too late) is that Darlene is part beautiful woman… and part giant spider.

Challenge... protecting Mabel and Dipper. Watching two precocious kids is always tough – even more so in Gravity Falls. It’s a place where supernatural dangers are hidden around every corner, and Mabel and Dipper are eager to explore. It becomes Grunkle Stan’s duty to shield them from the paranormal just beneath their feet in the basement of the Mystery Shack. They might learn things that change their outlook on their “wacky” great-uncle.        

Personality... curmudgeonly, gruff, caring, and adventurous. He can talk his way out of any situation, and used his gift of gab to create the Stan Pines persona that he puts on with his tuxedo every day. Beneath that crusty exterior is a caring, kind man who loves his great-niece and nephew more than anyone. He only keeps secrets from Mabel and Dipper to keep them safe – and that includes his secret past.


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