Stacy Hamilton
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Stacy Hamilton

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

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About Her

Grew up… with great expectations about romance and relationship. Just a sophomore at Ridgemont High, Stacey still believes in the possibility of a storybook romance.

Living… in California. Stacy's supposed to be living the best years of her life, but she’s finding adolescence a bit confusing. She doesn’t know how to act around boys, and worries she’s not attractive enough to ever get a guy.

Profession… high school student. Not only does Stacy have to deal with the social minefield that is Ridgemont High, she also has to make sure that she does well in school so she can get into a good college. It's a tough balancing act for anyone, especially an idealistic fifteen-year-old girl.

Interests… Mike Damone, the local bad-boy. Due to her inexperience, Stacy thinks she needs to be more aggressive with men, and she's set on getting the smooth Mike to teach her a few things.

Relationship Status… single, though she knows that Mike’s friend, Mark Ratner, has a thing for her. Mark, though, just doesn’t seem to have as much mojo as Mike.

Challenge… finding love. As Stacy tells her friend Linda, “I don’t want sex. Anyone can have sex! I want a relationship. I want romance.”

Personality… innocent, sweet, and curious. Stacy wants a crash course on sexuality and love, but she’s having trouble finding someone who can really show her everything she wants to know.

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