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Squall Leonhart

Final Fantasy Series

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About Him

Grew up... in an orphanage. Squall was born in the village of Winhill, and when his mother died soon after, he was sent to Edea’s Orphanage. After his closest friend Ellone was mysteriously taken away, Squall had a hard time making connections with other people.

Living... at Balamb Garden. At this prestigious military academy established by Cid and Edea Kramer, Squall studies to become a better mercenary. However, the secret purpose of his training is to fulfill a prophecy in which he saves time itself from an evil sorceress.

Profession... mercenary student. Squall’s elite mercenary group is called SeeD. In this war-torn world, they take on missions like assassinating key political figures, aiding rebel resistance groups, and killing roaming monsters.

Interests… dueling. As a top graduate of Balamb Garden, Squall likes to keep his skills sharp. So he frequently duels with his trademark gunblade against rivals like Seifer Almasy.

Relationship Status... in love. After being forced to dance at the SeeD inauguration ball with Rinoa Heartilly, daughter of a powerful general, Squall begins to slowly but deeply fall in love with this social, compassionate young woman. By having the qualities he lacks, she is able to help him become a better person.   

Challenge... figuring out where his true allegiances lie. As a directionless gun-for-hire caught up in a complicated global conflict, Squall doesn’t quite know where he stands. As he says, “Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It's our different standpoints, our perspectives that separate us.” However, with Rinoa’s influence, he gains the conviction needed to help save the world from Ultimecia, the time sorceress.

Personality... withdrawn. Squall avoids making emotional connections because he simply doesn’t want to get hurt. So he pushes his friends away. Only after falling in love with Rinoa does he begin to come out of his introverted shell. 

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