South Italy

South Italy

    Axis Powers Hetalia

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... the less genial, less well-off brother of Northern Italy (aka Feliciano Vargas). Lovino Vargas (the personification of Southern Italy) has spent his life since the Renaissance in the shadow of his younger brother. While Southern Italy has plenty of culture and fine cuisine of its own, Feliciano's talents often mean that Romano often ends up ignored by the rest of the world.

Personality... ill-tempered, caustic, and insecure. Years of being the less desirable Vargas sibling have given Romano quite an inferiority complex, as well as the temper to match. Foul-mouthed and sharp-tongued, Romano offends easily and is quick to retaliate. Still, for all his usual abrasiveness, he always has a good word for cute girls. And all his resentment of his younger brother doesn't stop Romano from being protective of North Italy, even if he's reluctant to show it.


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