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Magic in the Moonlight

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Grew Up… in Kalamazoo, Michigan, as a member of the working classes. Despite the ritzy and glamorous circles that she runs in now, Sophie comes from humble origins. But magic of the soul shouldn’t be restricted to the privileged, should it?

Visiting… the south of France, with her mother. Sophie is currently staying with a wealthy American family on the Cote d’Azure, working as a spiritual guide.

Profession… spiritualist. Sophie has a remarkable talent for summoning the unseen world. She makes most of her money hosting séances in the libraries and drawing rooms of the super wealthy, contacting the dead and making tables levitate.

Interests… dancing, swimming, lounging, and eating. Sophie, despite her slim figure, loves to eat. As she says, “George the psychoanalyst says its because I need love. But to me, I’m just hungry.”

Relationship Status… fighting off the annoying (though incredibly rich) Brice Catledge, who sings her songs and promises her a life full of dancing, yachts and jewels.

Challenge… convincing the cantankerous Englishman who’s visiting the Catledge’s house that she is as real as she says she is. In the midst of her séancing and conjuring, Sophie is constantly being subjected to Stanley Crawford’s sarcastic asides. Stanley doesn’t believe in all this nonsense. Yet despite his cynicism and his rudeness, Sophie is surprisingly beginning to find him charming.

Personality… free-spirited, lighthearted, and a bit ditzy. Sophie’s eyes take on a glazed look when she’s accessing the world beyond, and it’s difficult to tell whether the whole thing is an act, or if she really does have some sort of privileged access to the spirit world. How else would she know everyone’s secrets? It’s a bit difficult to see through her playful personality.

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