Sophie Neveu
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Sophie Neveu

The Da Vinci Code

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About Her

Grew Up… with her grandparents in Normandy, France. Sophie was sent to the country to be raised by her grandfather and grandmother after her parents were killed in a tragic car accident. Her upbringing was privileged in some ways, but also shrouded in mystery. Her grandfather, Saulnière, showered her with attention, yet managed to remain personally distant.

Living… in Paris, home of one of the best art museums in the world – the Louvre. Unfortunately, that is the place where her grandfather was recently found dead. 

Profession… cryptographer for the French National Police. Although Sophie has been estranged from her grandfather for some time, she was called to the crime scene to help carry out the investigation of his murder. Sophie loves a good code to break, which is lucky considering that she now appears to be solving one of the biggest ones in history. She is involved not only professionally, but personally, as she begins to find out for the first time about who her grandfather and parents really were.

Relationship Status… single. Though romance is the farthest thing from her mind at the moment, she seems to have some chemistry with her unexpected partner, Robert Langdon. 

Challenge… solving the mystery of who murdered Saulnière – and why – while uncovering truths about herself and her family’s past. Paired with American professor of symbology, Robert Langdon, Sophie now tracks a series of clues and ancient relics in hopes of discovering the greatest artifact of all. “What artifact? I've never heard about any of this.” “Yes, you have,” Robert responds. “You just know it as the Holy Grail.”

Personality… attentive and smart. She is equipped with a high IQ and EQ. Sophie is kind, very intelligent, and a true survivor. Though immediately she is driven by self-preservation and a desire to solve mysteries, she is ultimately concerned with larger things outside of herself. As she puts it, “We are what we protect, what we stand up for.”

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