Sophia Petrillo

Sophia Petrillo

    The Golden Girls
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... with her daughter and two roommates in Miami, Florida. After her retirement home burned down, Sophia had no choice but to move in with her divorced daughter, Dorothy.    

Profession... former housewife who raised three children. Now she’s got three new "youngsters" to nag – her septuagenarian roommates Dorothy, Blanche and Rose. Sophia has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to let them loose.   

Interests… telling tall tales from her childhood in Silicy, and her younger days in Brooklyn. The Petrillos may or may not have mob ties and she may or may not have put a curse on the New York Jets. She suffered a stroke years before moving in with her daughter, so take everything she says with a grain of Sicilian sea salt. 

Relationship Status... widowed. She married her longtime husband Sal after moving to the U.S. to escape an arranged marriage back home. The two were happy, and after he dies, she dates around but never finds someone as good as Sal. She even marries his former business partner, Max, but for many reasons, it doesn’t work out. That’s okay – she’s got her friends.

Challenge... getting older. As she puts it: “Every morning, like clockwork, at 7 a.m., I pee. Unfortunately, I don’t wake up til 8.” Plus, women these days are so much more promiscuous than when she was young. Blanche is going out with a different guy every night, and as far as Sophia is concerned, that basically makes her a prostitute.         

Personality... loud-mouthed, kooky, and quick to complain. But she’s also caring and loves Rose and Blanche as if they were her own children, which Dorothy actually is. She’s quick to give all of them advice – and not just because she loves the sound of her own Brooklyn-accented voice. She truly loves them like family, whether they're blood relatives or not.


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