Sonny Wortzik
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Sonny Wortzik

Dog Day Afternoon

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About Him

Grew Up... in a dysfunctional household, with parents whose relationship was akin to a bad car wreck. But though his mother always criticized him, Sonny still supports his parents and pays their rent.

Living... in New York City, with his wife and kids. It's the 1970s, and Sonny's down on his luck while taking care of both his parents and his own family. As Sonny puts it, "I'm dying here."

Profession... unemployed and struggling to find a job. Sonny isn't a union member and non-union jobs don’t pay enough– in fact, did you know that bank tellers only make $115 a week?

Relationship Status... divorced, but in love with a new woman: Leon, who's technically still male. But if this heist goes right, that might change soon.

Challenge... getting enough money to help Leon get a sex-change operation. In order to help his new wife, Sonny decided to get rob a bank with Jackie and Howard, but nothing is going according to plan. Jackie bailed on them and took their getaway money. There are some traveler’s checks, but those are traceable. To make things worse, the cops have shown up. So avoid jail, they resort to Plan B: taking hostages.

Personality... hot-tempered and irritable, but surprisingly sympathetic. Even though Sonny is a criminal, he still has his morals, and his humane treatment of the hostages means you can't help but root for him.

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