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Sonny Koufax

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About Him

Grew Up… hardly. Sonny, now in his early 30s, still behaves like a teenager on summer vacation. He has no ambitions in life — he just hangs around his apartment all day, joking around with his favorite delivery guy.

Living… in New York with his friend Kevin. While Sonny spends his days watching sports and being lazy, Kevin slaves away at a job and is planning to propose to his girlfriend.

Profession… tollbooth collector. Sonny doesn’t have to worry about money; he’s still living off of the restitution he won as a result of a cab accident. 

Interests… sports, junk food and watching the rollerbladers at Central Park fall down. Sonny has the hobbies of an adolescent.

Relationship Status… recently broken up with his girlfriend Vanessa. Sonny is far too irresponsible for the career-conscious Vanessa. Luckily, he’s come across an opportunity to prove to her that he’s grown up: He’s adopted a child and become a father.

Challenge… getting Vanessa back. One day, an abandoned child named Julian falls into Sonny’s lap. Rather than drop him off at child services, he decides to adopt the five-year-old and try his hand at fatherhood, hoping it will impress Vanessa. Unfortunately for Sonny, it turns out that child rearing isn’t easy. As he puts it, “Having a kid is great, as long as his eyes are closed and he’s not moving or speaking.”

Personality… immature, aimless and irresponsible. Sonny is essentially an overgrown child. Hopefully having Julian around will force him to change his ways.

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