Sonny Crawford
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Sonny Crawford

The Last Picture Show

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About Him

Grew Up… in Thalia, Texas. He hasn’t been out of town much in his whole life. That’s his problem; he’s paralyzed by the imprisonment of small-town America. Sonny is still searching for his way out.

Living… with Duane, his best friend, in a boarding house. Sonny’s mother is dead and his father couldn’t raise him. Sonny can’t handle the loneliness of Thalia, and tries to connect with just about anyone who’ll let him. Sonny’s strongest male role model is Sam the Lion, a local business owner and respected man about town.

Profession... high school student. He and Duane both play on the football team and are local star athletes. They’re about to graduate. Things are changing fast. Sex is on the mind.

Interests… playing football and dating girls. Sonny seems like your average high school senior. Thus it comes as a surprise when some of the town discovers his relationship with the much older Ruth Popper, the wife of his football coach. But you could say that in some ways Sonny’s interests are beyond his years.

Relationship Status… in and out; Sonny can’t seem to hold onto something real for a long period. He might have a shot with Jacy Farrow, the prettiest girl in town, but she used to be Duane’s girl. His strongest connection is with an older woman, Ruth, who might be too much for him to handle at this stage.

Challenge… struggling with the belief that he’s “the only living creature in town.” His own moral dilemmas outweigh all external conflict, and as a result, Sonny seems like something of a reserved and sensitive loner, even though he’s rarely alone. Sonny tries to find himself through his sexual relationships with both younger and older women in the town, but he winds up unfulfilled and more confused than when he started.

Personality… conflicted and unsure, but ultimately decent. Sonny is far more emotional than his small-town friends. He seems to question morality and eternity on an existential level. Sonny is subject to the same empty sexuality pervading his small town, but when something truly degrading happens, Sonny knows he has to put his foot down. For instance, when the other boys get a hooker for Billy, a defenseless kid, Sonny is the one to call off the humiliating display for poor Billy’s sake.

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