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Sondra Pransky


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About Her

Grew Up… wanting to be a journalist. Now in college and majoring in journalism, Sondra works as a reporter for her school’s newspaper and can't wait to get her first scoop.

Visiting… London. But while Sondra just wants a nice, relaxing vacation, she soon finds herself in the middle of “the biggest story to hit London since Jack the Ripper.”

Profession… budding journalist. Though she's enthusiastic about her profession, Sondra's still learning how to follow a promising lead. But in London, Sondra gets the lead of a lifetime: after ghostly forces tell her a high-profile aristocrat is the “Tarot Card Killer,” Sondra vows to use her knowledge to make a name for herself as an investigative reporter.

Relationship Status… "dating" Peter Lyman, whom she suspects to be the Tarot Card Killer. But although Sondra begins the relationship to get dirt on Lyman, she soon finds herself falling for his charms – to the obvious detriment of her investigation. And Sondra knows it: “I’m a would-be investigative reporter," she groans, "who’s falling in love with the object of her investigation."

Challenge… not letting Lyman’s charm cloud her journalistic objectivity. Sid Waterman suspects that Lyman to be a liar and a murderer, but a love-struck Sondra is finding it harder and harder to believe him.

Personality… intelligent, spirited, and credulous. Despite damning evidence, Sondra is unwilling to believe that Peter is the killer she’s been looking for. She might be a passionate journalist, but it looks like Sondra's objectivity is being dangerously swayed by Lyman's sophistication and good looks.

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