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Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Grew Up… in the wilderness of Thedas as an elven apostate. Belonging to neither the Circles of Magi nor the elven nomadic clans, Solas is a loner who honed his magical abilities during his travels.

Living… with the Inquisition, the group resurrected by Cassandra Pentaghast after the cataclysmic event of The Breach, when the Veil separating Thedas from the metaphysical world of the Fade, where spirits and demons reside, was ripped. With demons pouring through the rip and wreaking havoc, Solas decides to use his magical talent to help the only force that seems to be doing something about the situation – the Inquisition.

Profession… mage and companion to the Inquisitor. His expertise in the Fade is both unusual and exceptional, so Solas is an extremely important member of the Inquisition and provides useful information to the Inquisitor.

Interests… dreaming in ancient ruins, learning everything there is to know about the world of the Fade, and playing chess. One of Solas’ special abilities is being able to see in his dreams the history of places where the Veil is thin. He luxuriates in these experiences and often travels by himself to dream happily at these places. 

Relationships… single. Deeply quiet and private, Solas is not a person who opens up to others easily. With his unique upbringing and experiences, he is also not someone who is easily understood and needs someone who is interested in him, truly and completely. 

Challenge… working with the other members of the Inquisition to close the rip in the Veil and restore order back to Thedas. Every member of the Inquisition has different ideologies and politics, and Solas must learn to navigate this complex and nuanced group. Plus, closing the Breach will be no easy task. In his words, “The Breach remains a threat to us all.”

Personality… thoughtful, mystical, and knowledgeable. A worldly man who seeks to understand the people and places around him, Solas does not believe in delineating things into right and wrong. Rather, he is sensitive and attuned to the world, to layers of meaning and history, and to the changing of winds and seasons. 

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