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Grew up… in Montana, where Sol met his friend Seth Bullock. Sol, a Jew, faced discrimination and prejudice on the American frontier, especially when it came to his business matters.

Living… in the Deadwood encampment, Dakota Territories. Sol and Seth ventured to Deadwood in search of a new start. Sol, who saw that the camp’s inhabitants, mostly gold miners, were in need of supplies, jumped at the opportunity to satisfy that demand.

Profession… co-owner of Deadwood’s hardware store. Sol and Seth have a monopoly on the hardware business thanks to Sol’s savvy negotiation skills. Bullock, who is quick to anger, sees Sol as a voice of reason. The cool-headed Sol never lets anti-Jewish prejudice directed at him get in the way of a good business deal.

Interests… making a name for himself as a businessman in Deadwood. Sol, like his rival Al Swearengen, came to Deadwood in order to make money from the gold prospectors, rather than from the gold itself. He’s a realist who knows that it’s hard to be completely honest in the corrupt town of Deadwood. As he slyly notes, “Even in an Eden like this, wrongs sometimes occur.”

Relationship Status... single. Sol has come to Deadwood unencumbered, though he does have an eye for the prostitute Trixie. That could prove dangerous since she’s the favorite “employee” of the Gem Saloon’s often violent owner, Al Swearengen.

Challenge… balancing his levelheadedness with his pride. Sol turns the other cheek to anti-Semitic comments when business is involved, but is capable of standing up for himself and his people if need be. He once tells Swearengen, “If you want my help, don’t insult me.”

Personality… kind and rational. Sol understands the long-term goals that are at stake in the new camp of Deadwood. He’s willing to be patient and make friends in order to secure his financial stake in the camp.

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