Smash Williams
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Smash Williams

Friday Night Lights (TV)

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About Him

Living… in Dillon, Texas by way of Gatling, with his mother and sisters. His mother moved them to Dillon to get away from their abusive father who died several years later in a car accident.

Profession… starting running back on the Dillon High School Panthers. After Jason Street, Smash is the most talented player on the roster. Smash is working hard to become a top-100 recruit, which would give him a full-scholarship to a top university. He expects the best from his team: “We go in undefeated. Shattering records. Taking these high expectations to unimaginable new heights. [Becoming] State champions.”

Interests... making it to the NFL. Smash is obsessed. He is willing to do anything it takes, and sees Jason’s injury only as a small hurdle towards his goals. Football is a vehicle out of his small town life, and he is not taking any chances with his future.

Relationship Status... single after a string of affairs. Smash is not ready to settle down with anyone just yet. Being a top football player at Dillon means that a lot of girls are more than willing to sleep with him. And Smash is more than happy to take advantage of this. Smash is particularly interested in Tyra Collette – even before his teammate Tim breaks up with her.

Challenge… making the most of his talents, avoiding self-sabotage, and navigating through the racism thrown his way. Smash has a tendency of ruining amazing opportunities that come his way. He is so impatient in achieving certain goals that he resorts to cutting corners.

Personality… arrogant. Smash has the talent and charisma of a star and he knows it. He thinks he is God’s gift to football, with a swagger to match his on-field game. Half-jokingly he says, “I’ve got so much skills that there is room for everybody…I’m gonna bring the world together baby, and then smash up Paris Hilton’s marriage. Smash is going to be running hotel chains.” He’s never satisfied with what he has; he wants it all.

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