Skyler White
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Skyler White

Breaking Bad

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About Her

Living… in a small house in Albuquerque with Walt, her husband, and her teenage son Walter Jr.

Profession… stay-at-home mom. Though she does sell items on eBay for extra money. She used to work as a bookkeeper for Beneke Fabricators and may have to return if money gets any tighter for the family – and with a child on the way it probably will.

Interests… writing short stories. It's more than just a hobby; she is trying to sell and publish them. Still, her main interest is looking after her family. She takes care of Walter Jr. (who suffers from cerebral palsy) and constantly worries about Walt Sr., who has Stage III lung cancer and grows more and more mysterious to her by the day.

Friends… her sister and brother-in-law, Marie and Hank Schrader. The two families regularly host barbecues for each other. Marie comes over during the day to chat with Skyler, though Marie’s gossiping and her critical, controlling nature can often be extremely frustrating to Skyler.

Relationship Status… married to Walt. Her devotion to her husband is strong, but the strain of Walt’s cancer and increasingly secretive behavior make the relationship trying. And in the past, she may have had an affair with her former employer Ted Beneke.

Challenge… keeping her family together. A major component of this challenge is keeping her husband alive through his battle with lung cancer. His dishonesty and suspicious behavior further test family solidarity, as Skyler and Walt Jr. struggle to understand Walt’s own mysterious challenges.

Personality… kind and thoughtful, if a little high-strung. She’s often worried, although lately she has plenty of legitimate reasons to do so. She can seem particularly suspicious as a wife – though not without cause. Walt really is a man of secrets.

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