Simon Phoenix
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Simon Phoenix

Demolition Man

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About Him

Overview... career criminal. Simon Phoenix made his name back in the ‘90s for pillaging, plundering and killing. When he is captured at the end of a hostage crisis in 1996, he’s sent into a “CryoPrison” for more than three decades. Upon being “unfrozen” in 2032 for a parole hearing, he escapes his captors – who, as members of the new utopian community of San Angeles, have never experienced violence. That’s why they also thaw out former cop John Spartan, figuring a throwback law enforcer can better catch a throwback criminal.

Personality... psychotic, violent, and uncontrollable. Phoenix is an anomaly in 2032, when violence and human vices have been outlawed. He recognizes that he and whoever it is he’s working with can gain control of San Angeles with ease. The world has become, in his words, a “Brady Bunch version of itself, run by a bunch of robed sissies!”

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