Simon "Bladezz" Kemplar

Simon "Bladezz" Kemplar

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Living… with his parents and his little sister, Tina. Bladezz (real name: Simon Templar) is still in high school, although he plays an online roleplaying game with people who are all graduated from college, except for one who’s still in it. Bladezz and his sister are constantly butting heads.

Profession… student. Much to his embarrassment, his mom has also forced him into modeling to pay for his future college tuition. His modeling alias, Finn Smulders, makes for ideal blackmail material.

Interests… playing the Game, a fantasy online role-playing game that occupies all his non-school time. He’s part of a guild called the Knights of Good, but he plays a Rogue, and sometimes his in-game activities aren’t all that savory. Neither are his out-of-game activities, really.

Relationship Status… single. He’s trying desperately to change that by hitting on anything that seems remotely female, especially online, but so far he hasn’t had much luck. Maybe he would do better if he weren’t so rude.

Challenge…not being a jerk. Bladezz isn’t actually a bad guy, but he tends to see something he wants and then go get it, and he’s not above using blackmail. If he’s going to make any real friends, much less get a girlfriend, he’s going to have to stop stabbing people in the back.

Personality… sleazy, sneaky, and immature. Bladezz is a teenage boy, and he’d really like to cast himself as the ultra-smooth, ultra-skilled rogue he plays in the game. He’ll backstab, steal, whatever, just as long as it gets him to the top. But his off-line reality is quite different – he fights with his sister, and fears bullying at school. If he’s allowed to keep his veneer of suaveness, he can even step up to the plate and be a decent guy. Just don’t ask him too often.

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