Simon Bassett

Simon Bassett


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as heir to the Duke of Hastings. Simon’s mother died in childbirth, and even high society London couldn’t save him from his father’s cruelty. Simon developed a stutter, and when his father found out, it enraged him. He practically disowned Simon, saying that the Hastings line cannot end up “in the quivering hands of a half-wit.” 

Living… in 1813 in England. Simon is often abroad, never staying in one place for too long. Simon’s vacations often lead him through brothels and bars, so his reputation as a scoundrel is well earned. Simon recently arrived in London for the social season, but he vowed never to marry, so his intentions remain a mystery. 

Profession… Duke of Hastings. Simon’s father recently passed away, so he now holds the title. Simon’s long absence from London also means that his subjects have been long without oversight. As he wraps up his business in London, he has no idea what is in store when he returns home.

Interests… sex, boxing, and travel. Whether abroad or home, Simon is not often without a lady in his bed, but they never stay longer than one night. To unwind, Simon turns to boxing with his friend Will Mondrich. Will helps Simon talk through his anxieties, and in turn, Simon helps Will brush up on his boxing skills.

Relationship status… fake dating Daphne Bridgerton, a London debutante. When Daphne’s suitors lose interest, Simon helps stoke their jealousy by accompanying Daphne to balls and picnics. In turn, Simon’s attachment to Daphne rids him of overzealous mothers' attention, trying to marry their daughters off. Their façade seems to be improving both of their reputations, but Simon begins to feel something for Daphne, much to his discomfort. 

Challenge… balancing his relationships against the promises he has made. Simon vows never to marry, but he won’t tell anyone why. As he spends more and more time with Daphne, the vow seems harder and harder to keep. Eventually, he will have to decide what is more important: true love or keeping his word. 

Personality… charming, devilish, and compassionate. Simon is tough, well-traveled, and spirited, so his bad-boy persona comes easily to him. But underneath he hides a lonely personal life. Simon cares for his few friends deeply, but he can never seem to do the right thing. 


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