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About Him

Grew Up... in the Holy Roman Empire. Siegfried was born in the late 16th century to the knight Frederick and his wife Margaret. He was named after the mythical hero.

Living... as Nightmare. After discovering the evil sword Soul Edge in a moment of weakness after accidentally killing his own father, Siegfried became consumed by its malevolence and was transformed into the dark knight called Nightmare.

Profession... mercenary leader. Living amongst the oppressed German peasants, young Siegfried led a group of thieves called “Schwarzwind.” Years later, they would reform as a band of mercenaries. 

Interests... swordsmanship. Siegfried’s father taught the boy the value of handling a blade since he was very young. Perhaps this is why, even as a mere teen, Siegfried was able to wield two legendary swords – Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.

Relationship Status... single, andself-exiled. To prevent his Nightmare persona from hurting anyone, Siegfried isolated himself from the world, wandering Europe trying to do whatever good he could.

Challenge... overcoming Soul Edge. Siegfried has begun to purge Nightmare from his mind, but it is a long, gradual, and arduous process. Sometimes he transforms in his sleep to harvest innocent souls for Soul Edge’s restoration, so he tries to avoid sleeping. But Siegfried hopes that over time he can finally and fully cleanse himself.                                                                                 

Personality... repentant. Siegfried initially succumbed to Soul Edge because he felt guilty about murdering his father and hoped to undo that mistake. Now he feels shame about the harm he has caused due to Soul Edge. Although he was once very cocky, forgiveness is all he seeks now. As he says, “To live, that is my redemption.” 

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