Sidney Deane

Sidney Deane

    White Men Can't Jump
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... a playground basketball legend, or so he’s forever telling everyone. Sidney plays fast and talks even faster. If trash-talking was an Olympic event, Sidney would win the gold – and then put his gold medal on the line in a big-money game. Soon Sidney teams up with Billy Hoyle, a fellow hustler whose apparent white-bread goofiness is just a convincing act, as an unlikely streetball squad. They could make a killing, provided they don’t kill each other.  

Personality... confident (OK, “cocky”) and determined, but a little too worried about appearances. Sidney’s biggest goal in life is buying a house for his family away from their tough neighborhood, but you’d never guess he harbored such admirable intentions if you saw him on the playground. The on-court Sidney is loud, in-your-face, and too-cool-for-school. Billy says he cares more about looking good than winning, and there’s definitely some truth there. Sidney worries about how he’s perceived so much that he can make foolish decisions. But if it’s a tie game and you need one basket to save your life, Sidney’s your man.


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