Sidney Carton
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Sidney Carton

A Tale of Two Cities

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About Him

Living... unhappily, in 18th century London. With the French Revolution waging just across the English Channel, tensions are high in the British Isles. There is constant concern that the revolutionary energy could spill over into England, or that French spies could jeopardize England’s security.

Profession... lawyer. Carton is immensely intelligent and shrewd when it comes to the law, yet he seldom claims credit for his victories. Instead he lets his incompetent colleague Mr. Stryver take the glory. Carton is known as a “jackal” because that animal will often assist with a kill, yet give the lion the prize.  

Interests... alcohol, wandering London at night, and wallowing in his melancholy. Carton isn’t exactly a ray of sunshine when it comes to his social life. While explaining why he drinks so much, Carton notes, “I am a disappointed drudge, sir. I care for no man on earth, and no man on earth cares for me.” He’ll often spend all night drinking, only to wander home in a stupor the next morning.

Relationship Status... desperately in love with Lucie Manette. Unfortunately her heart belongs to Charles Darnay, a man who looks like Carton physically, yet shares none of the lawyer’s angst and self-pity.  Although Carton knows Lucie will never return his love, he promises her, “I would embrace any sacrifice for you and for those dear to you.”

Challenge... overcoming his self-doubt. Carton has an incredibly low opinion of himself, which that stands in the way of his happiness. He views his life as a waste, and although he’s very intelligent, he thinks he has nothing to offer the world.

Personality... self-pitying, insecure, bitter, and sardonic, yet intelligent and noble. Sydney is almost masochistic is his levels of self-loathing. Despite his legal acumen, he can’t even bring himself to claim credit for his successes, and he views his life as one ironic joke. But even with all that, there is also a great nobility to Carton. He is immensely loyal and would do anything to protect those he loves. 

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