Toy Story
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... middle school kid with sociopathic tendencies. Sid tortures his toys, reveling in the destruction. He blows them up, sets them on fire, and even reassembles their exploded pieces into strange Frankenstein-type monsters. And in his world, toys are sentient, so they feel the pain he inflicts on them. He’s a scary contrast to his neighbor Andy, who loves and cares for his toys like few other kids. 

Personality... sociopathic, angry, and inventive. Some kids use their creative young brains to imagine exciting adventures; Sid uses his to discover new ways to destroy his toys. He’s also a real jerk to his little sister and has little patience for rules and discipline. In a world where toys have internal lives and hopes and dreams, nothing is scarier than a trip to Sid’s bedroom.


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