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Ice Age

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Grew Up… in a big family of ground sloths, who aren't exactly loving. Every year without fail, they leave him behind during their migration south. Once they woke up early, tied his hands and feet, gagged him with a field mouse, barricaded the cave door and covered their tracks by walking through water.

Living… in fear of retribution, after getting on the wrong side of two rhinos, telling them, “You know you rhinos have really tiny brains?” Luckily, he's saved by Manny, a solitary mammoth, and sticks with him for protection. Manny tries to shake Sid, but they're united by a common goal when a dying woman entrusts them with her baby.

Interests… food, girls, and strangely enough, ice skating. At first glance, Sid is a horrible athlete – he's clumsy, slow, fat, and shakes his butt vigorously from side to side as he runs. But over the course of his journey, he shows himself to be a whiz in winter sports, doing triple axels on ice and snowboarding as well as any professional.

Relationship Status… an extremely eligible bachelor, especially since he acquired baby Pinky. With his new human baby, Sid charms a pair of female sloths, who conclude that “he’s not much to look at, but it’s so hard to find a family guy."

Challenge… returning the human baby to his tribe. Sid’s biggest obstacle is himself. A chatterbox with a lisp, Sid unintentionally antagonizes others and quickly wears Manny and Diego’s patience thin.

Personality… Sid moves slowly, tires easily, and is something of a hypochondriac. He is a lover of charades and happy endings. Carl and Frank might say he has fungus in his fur and Manny might call Sid “an embarrassment to nature,” but Sid sees himself differently, titling himself “lord of the flame.”

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