Sid Jenkins

Sid Jenkins

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… with his mother and strict, demanding father. Sid spends a lot of time sleeping, fooling around aimlessly in his room, and getting yelled at by his dad for his lack of focus. Life at home is a bit of a drag for him, as Mr. Jenkins often compares Sid to Tony, his overachieving, charming best friend. But, criticism never affects him too much, and he always reverts back to his lackadaisical ways.

Profession… student. Sid is the ultimate underachiever. He is definitely smart enough to obtain passing grades. He just has to try harder. Unfortunately, Sid never does for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s indifference. Other times it’s a lack of ability to concentrate. Either way, Sid’s academic performance is dismal.

Interests… pleasuring himself and hanging out with Tony. If Sid isn’t in his room, he’s tagging along behind his best friend. Tony is popular, successful with women, and put together-everything he isn’t. Still, Sid doesn’t seem to resent him at all: “Thing is, Tony, you sort of own me too. Mostly in a good way.”

Relationship Status… single, but in love. Sid continues to harbor feelings for Tony’s girlfriend, Michelle, despite knowing she’s unavailable and probably will be for a long time. His dream was once to lose his virginity to her, but at this point, anyone will do. Sid is turning seventeen soon, and Tony doesn’t want an adult virgin for a best friend.

Challenge… getting out of the messy situations he always seems to end up in. Sid isn’t a bad or particularly unruly kid – far from it. But he is a total pushover who gets taken advantage of by his scheming friends. They’ve persuaded him to buy weed from a deranged drug dealer, aid the escape of an abused Russian girl, and to rectally transport a bunch of pills through airport security. Sid can pretty much be talked into anything, and the only one that ends up suffering the consequences is himself.

Personality... awkward, lazy, and loyal. Sid may be a bumbling layabout, but there is no one more willing to put his neck on the line for a friend. If you need support or some words of comfort, Sid’s your guy.


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